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I’m Martin Couture but people call me “MC”

My work has been seen by millions of people

My Story

 I am a Content Marketing Consultant and Digital Producer based in Shanghai, China. 

When working at the 2 biggest independent agencies in the world, Wieden+Kennedy and Serviceplan, I built digital experiences for brands such as Disney, Nike, Audi, Mercedes, Tiffany, Beats by Dre, Bosch, Hipp, Metro, etc. I also work with entrepreneurs, startups, inventors and SMEs.

Productivity Universe is focused on productivity tools, tactics and Notion templates. 

I am constantly trying to be more focused, productive, efficient, effective… and how to leverage the power of delegation and focusing on the 1,000$ and 10,000$ work (wink wink to Khe Hy for this one.)

Time is money, and time is energy. The reason why I created Productivity Universe is because I believe that being productive makes us happy. Hence the motto: Be Productive. Be Happy. 


I also wanted to share with you the tips, tricks, tactics and tools I use to improve productivity. We can only build a castle one brick at a time. But you can get help to build your castle!

I spend my time creating digital experiences, riding my road bike, doing Zen meditation, drinking Chinese tea, and traveling in Asia/Europe. 

Before moving to Shanghai I was based in Beijing, Tokyo (Japan,) and Montréal (Canada.) I have been in Asia for the past 15 years, born in 1980, originally from a small village at the heart of the Canadian Boreal forrest. 


How can I help you and add value to your life and work?

Looking forward hearing from you. 

Feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page or via Facebook.