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45 Best Focus Books to help you Boost Deep Work

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Top Books

"work book Cal Newport "

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

This focus book from Cal Newport tackles one of the economy’s most valuable skills that are starting to become rarer than ever – none other than deep work. Once you master the skill, you can look forward to more amazing results than ever before.

Deep work refers to the ability of focusing with no distractions on tasks that demand cognitive functions. This is a skill that lets you master complex information faster and achieve better results in less time. With the help of deep work, you can become better at whatever you do and achieve that sense of real fulfillment that often comes from your own craftsmanship. Simply put, deep work can be compared to a super power that you can develop this 21st century amidst an increasingly cutthroat economy. 

Cal Newport’s Deep Work is the perfect blend of actionable advice and cultural criticism as it takes you on a trip through notable stories. These include how Carl Jung built a stone tower in the forest to help his mind focus and a social media pioneer who bought a round-trip ticket for business class travel to Tokyo just to be able to write a book in the air with no distractions.

flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

There are times when a basketball player manages to score straight points or a painter just gets immersed in his work of art. This is what is known as Flow or that freedom of complete absorption in a particular activity with that almost euphoric state of involvement and concentration. 

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is an esteemed psychologist who revealed in this focus book the reasons why flow is the most rewarding state of being that life can ever offer. Here, he shows his readers how they will be able to reach this state on their own will. The highly acclaimed Flow already managed to help thousands of people transform their daily experiences to the perfect opportunities for ultimate fulfilment and joy. New readers will be able to learn how they can overcome their anxieties, redirect their energies, and harmonize every element of their lives. 

The popular investigations of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on optimal experience showed that what makes experiences more satisfying is none other than flow, the state of consciousness. During flow, a person often experiences deep creativity, enjoyment, and complete life involvement. The new edition of the groundbreaking classic work shows how to control this positive state instead of simply leaving it to chance. Alex Vermeer made reading notes about the focus book

"essential  Greg MCKeown "

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

This focus book sets itself apart from others as it doesn’t focus on how to achieve more in less time. Instead, this is all about doing things that really matter. Greg McKeown provides a systematic discipline on how to identify what is important and eliminates those that are not important for you to be able to use up your brain power for things that really matter the most. 

The ability to determine what is important can empower you to reclaim control of your life instead of letting others make these choices. As long as you follow the tricks and tips discussed in the book, you can expect to walk away with a new ability of eliminating things from your life that don’t add any progress to your end goal. 

The book comes in handy for managers, leaders, and those people who wish to declutter their lives’ to-do list so they will be able to focus on things that are more important. The book doesn’t read like your usual self-help book as this discusses things in a straightforward and clear manner that will urge you, the reader, to make your thinking, purpose, and life so much simpler than ever before.

Best Books

"habits James Clear "

Atomic Habits: The Life-Changing Million Copy Bestseller by James Clear

Whatever your goals might be, James Clear’s focus book Atomic Habits provides a tested and proven framework on how to improve on a daily basis. The author is one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to forming habits. With this book, he lays down practical strategies to teach you the exact secrets to develop better habits, get rid of bad ones and become a master of small behaviors that can create remarkable results. 

In case you find it hard to change your habits, you are not the problem. Your system is the issue here. Bad habits tend to repeat themselves repeatedly not because you are not open to change but more because your system is not the right one set up for change. 

You don’t rise to your goals’ level and instead, you fall to your systems’ level. With this book, you can develop a proven system ready to take you to greater heights. 

James Clear is popular for his ability of distilling even the most complicated topics to simple behaviors that you can apply with ease to your work and everyday life. He uses proven ideas from different fields to come up with an easy to understand guide on how to make bad habits impossible and good habits inevitable.

focus Michael Hyatt

Free to Focus: A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less by Michael Hyatt

Now is the time for you to get more things done and to be in full control of your life all over again. Most professionals today spend up to 70 hours weekly at work that leaves very limited time for family, friends, exercise, and rest. Work has started to invade people’s personal lives. These professionals failed because of their common understanding of productivity. Many of them assume that productivity means getting more things done faster. However, this is not the case because productivity is all about doing the right things. 

Michael Hyatt, a New York Times bestselling author, discusses in this focus book the total productivity system that he created that involves more than endless checking off things in your to-do list. Proven by more than 25,000 professionals, the system guides overwhelmed leaders how to achieve the things that matter the most for them to become successful not only at work but also in life. 

Free to Focus is a book that will help you discover how you can redefine your job to make it work for you, how to filter your commitments and tasks, how to get rid of non-essentials, how to eliminate distractions and interruptions, and how to set boundaries to drive results and protect your focus.

"art of focus  Art S. Lieberman "

 The Art of Focus: How To Eliminate Stress, Boost Your Confidence, And Eliminate Stress by Art S. Lieberman

Are you having a hard time to focus? Do you want to learn the secrets to achieve your set goals? This entertaining and informative self-help focus book will help you discover one of a kind ways to attain all the things that you have always to reach. 

From landing on your dream job, to staying in shape, or just being able to answer your life’s biggest questions, the book offers exceptional life lessons, entertaining stories, and endless aha moments of complete clarity in every single chapter. 

Some of these chapters tackle what makes sweat beautiful, the miracle list, the big whoop, secrets for feeling good, how to get engaged and find the funny, and so much more. 

If you are wondering how you will be able to focus more on the things in your life that you deem the most important, this book is exactly what you need to serve as your guide in achieving the right state of mind. Make sure that you grab your own copy of this book right now to eliminate stress, reach your goals, and boost your confidence. Your exciting journey to that all begins on the first page of this book.

distraction at work Ned Hallowell

Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive by Ned Hallowell

Are you often distracted at work? 

The leading ADHD and ADD expert in the world and bestselling author Edward M. Hallowell, MD has set his eyes on a brand new goal with this focus book and that is to help people feel more productive and in control at work. 

Most of you surely experienced those times when you find it hard to focus. For some reason, you are overwhelmed by that mix of technology and endless demands that all seem like they move at light’s speed. You also feel frustrated as you try to get things done on time properly. All of these will not just take their toll on your performance as it can also impact your overall sense of wellbeing when outside work. If all of these things sound just like you, this focus book will teach you how you can reclaim control once and for all. 

Here, the author tackles all the underlying reasons behind the loss of people’s ability to focus at their job. He also discusses the reasons why the common solutions offered no longer work since these tend to ignore more serious problems that are the main culprits behind mental distraction.

concentration Kam Knight

Concentration: Maintain Laser Sharp Focus and Attention for Stretches of 5 Hours or More by Kam Knight

Delve deeper into your mind to hone your laser sharp attention and focus. This focus book by Kam Knight sets itself apart from other books you read in the past. This goes much deeper into your mind that no other book has ever done before.

Through this book, you will get to learn more about yourself, who you are, your reasons for doing the things you do, and the reasons why you cannot push yourself to do the things you really want. What is even more important is that this book will also teach you the simple solutions on how you can overcome your past physical, emotional, and mental blocks whatever their severity might be so that you can boost your focus and attention. 

With the help of this book, it will be easier for you to ace your exam, listen better in class, finish your projects, earn your degree, get that coveted promotion, develop relationships, write your novel, connect with your friends, gain respect, be present, engage with your family, and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

You should never procrastinate on learning the life changing and powerful advice that you can find on this book to start your journey to better concentration, attention, and focus.

goals Oscar Monfort

Goal Setting & Morning Routine: Discover The Blueprint To Achieving Your Goals & Maximizing Your Productivity With Morning Rituals & Success Habits by Oscar Monfort

This focus book by Oscar Monfort holds the secret on how you can use your routine to achieve the things you want and expect from your life. In case you don’t realize it yet, it is never enough for you to wish that good things happen or break down your goals. It is high time for you to ditch the idea of visualization and positive thinking because it is actually so much simpler to get what you really want in your life. 

What you should do instead to make the most out of your life is to set goals that are clear and backed up with consistent and constant routine. The study conducted by MIT and Harvard discovered that right after you fall asleep, your body and mind become the most active. Productive, successful, and focused mornings will lead to productive, successful, and focused days that will soon lead to a more successful life. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, and Oprah Winfrey are just three of the best examples of successful and famous names with morning routines. Instead of sticking to your half-baked resolutions for the New Year, use the blueprint in the book to focus on the true process on how to achieve your goals for real.

"mind hackin  Dr. Xavior Trafford "

Mind Hacking: Learn Mind Hacking Secrets to Developing a Positive Mindset in 20 Days by Dr. Xavior Trafford

Can you believe that you just need five days to master mind hacking? If you ever find yourself plagued by, held back, and bogged down by negativities, mind hacking can help reprogram your brain for you to achieve more positive outcomes as often as possible. Your negative thoughts might feel like you are locked inside a dark room with a large swarm of bees. Just imagine what will happen if you break down those walls, see the light of the day, and use the bees to your advantage to have honey dripping everywhere. 

Nurturing a positive mind will help you see more opportunities and work for your own benefit. Mind Hacking is a focus book that will show you the workings of your thought patterns and how you can influence them for you to break away from your routine of always seeing things negatively. 

The book will teach you how you can exploit your mind’s power for you to become successful in your life. Use the steps in the book for you to hack your mind with the help of the most useful techniques discussed here so that you can become the better person you have always wanted to be.

Goals: How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible by Brian Tracy

Backed by 40 years of research and over 20 years of experience, this focus boot presents a proven and practical strategy on how to create and meet goals that is already being used by over a million people to reach the most exceptional things that life has to offer. 

Brian Tracy, the author of the book, discusses the seven main elements on how to set goals as well as the 12 necessary steps on how to set and achieve goals of all shapes and sizes. With the use of real life examples and simple language, Tracy shows the steps for doing the important work of identifying your true goals, strengths, and values. He also explains how you can build the confidence and self-esteem crucial for achievement, how you can conquer every single obstacle and problem, how you can overpower difficulties, how you can address challenges, and finally, how you can continue to move forward whatever might happen in the near future. 

The Mental Fitness program character development discussed in the book shows readers how they can become the kind of person they are on the inside with the ability to achieve all goals on the outside.

"routes  Brian Tracy "

The Dip: The Extraordinary Benefits of Knowing When to Quit (And When to Stick) by Seth Godin

In his iconic bestselling focus book, the acclaimed bestselling author and business blogger Set Godin has proven and shown that a winner is someone who is best in quitting. He shows that true winners quit often, quit fast, and quit with no ounce of guilt until forming the commitment to beat the right dip. 

All new projects, jobs, hobbies, or companies tend to start out fun only for them to lose their fun and get really hard in the long run. When this happens, there is a chance that you are in a Dip, or that temporary setback that can only get better as long as you continue pushing. However, there is a chance that it is also a cul-de-sac or a complete dead end. Superstars set themselves apart with their ability of distinguishing these two. 

Winners are people who look for the Dip. They know that if the barrier is bigger, getting past it also leads to a bigger reward. If you are able to be the best by beating the Dip, you will earn more profits, long-term security, and glory. It doesn’t matter what your position might be right now because this book will help determine if you reached a dip worthy of your talents, effort, and time.

"dip things Seth Godin "

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right  by Atul Gawande

Checklists might look ordinary but they actually hold a surprising power and that is exactly what you will get to learn from this focus book. 

People are now living in an ever growing complex world where even experts find it hard to master the tasks given to them. Despite the more advanced technologies and more intensive training, grievous mistakes constantly occur. But, in the hopes of turning the tables, the acclaimed writer and surgeon Atul  Gawande discovers a remedy that lies in the simplest and humblest of all techniques, none other than the checklist. 

Originally introduced by the United States Air Force several years ago, checklists gave pilots the chance to fly aircraft of incredible sophistication. Today, hospitals all over the world have adopted innovative checklists to help nurses and doctors to respond to things including avalanches and flu epidemics. Even in the surgical world’s immense complexities, a simple 9-second variant was able to reduce the fatality rate by more than a third. 

A very intellectual adventure where there are lives saved and lost and a single simple idea that can make a big difference, this book is definitely an essential read for people who work to get things right.

"manifesto Atul Gawande "

Noise: Living and Leading When Nobody Can Focus by Joseph McCormack

This focus book is meant to teach leaders and managers how to make it through the static and develop their focusing skills. With today’s modern digital age, staying focused has become more and more difficult. Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, and other types of devices are constantly vying for your attention. Whether it is in your career or in life as a whole, you are always bombarded with likes, mentions, tweets, and a constant information overload. 

Not being able to pay attention can affect parenting, prioritizing, learning, and leading. It is also not a surprise that people’s attention spans also got shorter than ever. Through this book by Joseph McCormack, you will learn how you can make it through distractions so that you can devote your full attention to the most important things. This informative and engaging book will teach you how you can apply real-world and effective techniques for honing your focus and reducing interference. 

Grab the chance to learn all the lessons taught to big organizations and discover how modern day technology can help boost your focus as long as you use it the right way. This is truly a valuable resource for managers and leaders who wish to improve their focus and apply this on everything they do.

noise Joseph McCormack

Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long by David Rock

David Rock’s focus book tells the story of Paul and Emily, parents of two young kids. Paul is working from home or from the offices of clients as an independent IT consultant while Emily has been recently promoted as a VP for marketing at a big corporation. Just like most of you, the life of this couple is filled with tons of phone calls, emails, proposals, plans, projects, and meetings. Trying to stay ahead of the storm just turned into an almost impossible task. This book will take you on a trip inside the brains of Paul and Emily as they try sorting out the mountain of information they are presented with, determine how they can prioritize, organize, and act on the information. 

The good news for Paul and Emily is that they are in the hands of an expert. David Rock is familiar with the workings of the brain, specifically the way it functions in work settings. Rock shows how Paul and Emily and even the readers will be able to survive the overwhelming work environment of today and become successful while still feeling energetic and a sense of accomplishment once the day ends.

"brain at work David Rock "

Black Hole Focus: How Intelligent People Can Create a Powerful Purpose for Their Lives by Isaiah Hankel

This focus book is truly motivating as it teaches you how you shouldn’t just stay stuck on your career path even if you don’t have any passion for it. You will learn how you should never use up your intelligence on things that don’t mean anything to you aside from the fact that it gives you your paycheck. Allow Isaiah Hankel to help you determine a powerful focus so that you can pull towards it all the important aspects of your life.

Now is the time for you to change your life for the better, create your true purpose, and be more fulfilled, focused, and successful. 

The biggest names in business, academia, and entrepreneurship have been endorsing Black Hole Focus. The book has been divided into three different sections, with the first section showing the importance of having a purpose in your life. In the second section, you will learn how you can find your life’s new purpose, while the third one will show you how to reach your goals amidst adversity. 

This is also filled with exclusive case studies from small business owners, corporate executives, medical practitioners, lawyers, and research scientists who already used the book’s techniques to achieve more successful lives.

"focus Isaiah Hankel "

Total Focus: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure by Brandon Webb, John David Mann

How do you handle a mountain of crises at work happening all at once? Do you just choose a single priority or do you try solving all of them? How will you stay composed enough to determine what matters the most and have a decisive action? 

During his transition to a civilian life, Brandon Webb, a former sniper of the US Navy SEAL, had a hard time getting his first ever startup venture off the ground. He was able to raise millions for his business but everything was lost when uncontrollable problems occurred. 

After this failure, Webb came to realize that a successful entrepreneur is one who has a skill that he already mastered and that is none other than total focus. 

For SEAL snipers, total focus is defined as the ability of filtering out chaos and noise for you to come up with life or death decisions amidst extreme combat conditions. If he can maintain his total focus during crosshairs at someone who might possibly be a terrorist, there is no way that he won’t be able to do just the same in his business. 

Webb decided to start over and applied total focus to his new startup. Thanks to his effective approach, he was able to grow it into a million-dollar business in a matter of five years. His amazing journey is chronicled in this focus book to let you apply it on your own venture.

totalfocus Brandon Webb, John David Mann

Focus! Drop the Law of Attraction. Slay Your Goals. The PROVEN Guide to Huge Success, A Powerful Attitude and Profound Love by David Essel

While you cannot change your whole life with positive thinking alone, this focus book will be able to do exactly just that. The author, David Essel, got the knowledge, experience, positive attitude, and infectious energy. Through this focus, you will find powerful information and that same contagious attitude to help you get back right on track to achieve all the things you want in your life. 

In this book, David Essel delves deeper into the profound love concept. He talks about something he developed many years ago, which is the love scale 1 t0 10. David Essel is considered as the new positive thinking movement leader and with his book, he hopes that the lives of his readers will be enriched with love, attitude, and success. 

The book will make you realize that you will get out of your life what you focus your thoughts on and what you focus your actions on every single day. While it is important to focus on your thoughts, the book will also show you that you don’t just have to look at what your mind is doing but also what your actions are doing or not doing daily.

"law of attration David Essel "

The Minimalist Mentality: Do More With Less by Steve H. Willis

What will you create or do if you are given all the focus, time, and energy that you need? You are in charge of the amount of value that the things in your life can offer and there is always that inexplicable sense of freedom when you let go of things that only bog you down. 

If your goal is to have more meaningful life experiences such as mastering a new language, going on exotic trips, saving more money, or starting a new pastime, you have to get rid of distractions in your life that prevent you from achieving your passions and goals. 

This focus book by minimalist author Steve H. Willis will teach you the secrets for actually achieving more with less, which is the fundamental minimalism principle. He will lead you through every aspect of your life and provide realistic strategies that you can apply to get rid of those things in your life that tend to distract you from doing the most important things. 

Through this book, you will learn how to identify and eliminate chaos in your life so you can just pursue your passions and goals, get more things done daily through focusing on one job at a time, and so much more.

"mentality Steve H. Willis "

Instant Focus: How to Beat Procrastination, Skyrocket Your Productivity, and Double your Output by Patrick King

Would you like to do more things faster and save more hours daily? Have you always wanted to feel more productive instead of overwhelmed, stressed, and defeated? If you have no idea where your time really goes, you find it hard to organize or motivate yourself, and you have a hard time concentrating and buckling down when it matters, it just goes to say that your to-do list is no longer enough. 

You need to hone your superhuman focusing skills and everything associated with it. Instant Focus is a focus book that will teach you the most crucial of all skills and that is the ability of getting things done. Without this ability is the difference between being content with what is good enough and getting the kind of life you have always wanted. 

Patrick King’s book discusses more than 25 ways to make the most out of every last waking moment of your life. It is not easy to motivate yourself and this book tackles the systems, tips, hacks, external motivators, and psychological phenomenon for productivity and success to be within your reach. The book details all the instructions that you can implement all the exact instructions into your own life starting today.

instant focus Patrick King
new smart Rob Fazio

Simple Is the New Smart: 26 Success Strategies to Build Confidence, Inspire Yourself, and Reach Your Ultimate Potential by Rob Fazio

It doesn’t matter if you are at home or work because there is a chance that you are being told to do more with less. People today are usually consumed with things that don’t really matter so they end up spending most of their precious time on those that don’t even count. 

In this focus book by Dr. Rob Fazio, you will learn how you can block out all the static to help you tune in to the right information and speed up your journey to success. Using a conversational and engaging style, Dr. Fazio provides success strategies that you can put to use once you are done reading the book. 

The main focus of this book is to help yourself through learning easy to apply and easy to read techniques that can help you gain an edge both in business and in your life as a whole. You can expect to learn the things that hold you back and how you can propel yourself forward, discover the negative effect of listening to your health, and discover how you can break yourself free from messages that hold you back all this time.

begginers mind Shunryu Suzuki

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki

There are a lot of possibilities in the mind of a beginner but only few are found in the mind of an expert. This concept marks the beginning of the most-well loved book out of all of today’s American Zen books. You don’t always see such a short sentence that provides a rich teaching as the popular opening line of the classic masterpiece of Shunryu Suzuki. 

In just one stroke, the simple opening sentence of this focus book cuts through that pervasive inclination students have of getting near Zen as to totally miss what it is all about. The first page itself offers an instant teaching and that is only the beginning. 

Through the decades since its first publication, this book has already become one of the best modern Zen classics that are much recommended, much re-read, and much beloved as the very first book that is best to read to know more about Zen. 

Here, the author presents all the basics, from details of breathing and posture in zazen to perception of non-duality in such a way that is not just notably clear but resonates as well with joys of insight starting from its first page down to the final page.

attack Ian Schechter

Breathe, Focus, Attack: A Triple – Threat System for Creating the Life You Want by Ian Schechter

The strategy of the entrepreneur Ian Schechter on how to get the things you want in life all starts with one simple argument and that is the fact that 95% of people who failed did so because they didn’t take the first step at all. 

People usually fear change and they become comfortable in their routines. This focus book tackles the three-part philosophy that involves seeing things as they are, determining how to make it through the given roadblocks, and carrying out plans with a renewed sense of ambition. The book is filled with lifehacks, simple exercises, and practical advice meant to help you step out of your old routine in small and effortless ways. 

Here, you will learn how an old Japanese professor changed careers and became the world’s wealthiest man, why the greatest talent of Steve Jobs might be his ability of saying no to people, the five types of friends that successful people have, surefire ways to painlessly form new habits that can guarantee your success, numerous helpful pieces of advice on management and business, and so much more.

"memory Kevin Horsley "

Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies to Learn Faster, Remember More and be More Productive by Kevin Horsley

 Breaking a world memory record back in 2013, Kevin Horsley shares in this focus book his very own memory strategies to help you learn faster, become more productive, and become more successful. 

Many people in the world fail to tap into 10% of their memory potential. Through this book, you can learn how the top memory experts of the world remember any detail or concentrate at will and how you will also be able to do exactly just that. 

Does it feel as if you are too stressed out, too busy, or too distracted to focus and do your work? With the help of the book, you can learn how the best memory masters of the globe get themselves to focus and concentrate at will every time and anytime they want. 

If you can easily concentrate and focus on your task at hand, store, and recall all the useful information, it will be easy for you to double up your productivity and get rid of wasted time, mistakes, and stress at work. 

This book contains all the techniques, strategies, and tools you will need to boost your memory. If you feel that you are now ready to take advantage of your mind’s innate power to recall more things in less time, it is the book that you need right now.

power of focus Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Confidence and Certainty by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Les Hewitt

Over 600,000 people all over the world were already captivated by the profound, practical, and simple strategies found in this original bestseller. Years after its first publication, the authors decided to join forces to come up with the special 10 Anniversary Edition of the long-standing classic. These three masters of personal and business development offer a crystal-clear picture of the real reason why your focusing ability is even more critical now more than ever in determining your success in the near future. 

Reading the book will let you discover the secrets on how to prosper even amidst a turbulent economy. It also gives you a personal glimpse of the last decade through the experienced eyes of the authors. You can discover insights as to where you will be able to hone your focus, capitalize on the latest currency in business, as well as a Reality Check questionnaire that can assist you in developing and following through your focus. 

You will also discover how you can significantly leverage your income with the use of technology and relationships. There are also inspiring success stories that come from those readers who already implemented the strategies of The Power of Focus.

attention Neen James

Attention Pays: How to Drive Profitability, Productivity, and Accountability by Neen James

If you want to enjoy an extraordinary life, you need to learn how you can unplug from that constant bombardment of disruptions and plug in instead to the mindsets, strategies, and tools that will let you harness your attention so you can achieve your fullest potential. This focus book will show you exactly how to do this. 

The book puts the limelight on the power of absolute focus and attention. For your personal life, you will learn who you should be paying attention to and for your professional life, you will discover what you should pay attention to. And for the whole world, you will find out how you can pay attention in and to the whole world. 

In today’s society that runs 24/7 on demand and there are distractions that cost millions of people peace, relationships, profitability, and productivity, it is now time for you to pay attention to things that truly matter. 

This contains powerful tricks and tips to boost productivity and teaches you how you can attain maximum results and accountability. It also provides strategies for you to manage your everyday tasks in the most productive way.

focus Margie Fleurant

Focus: Eliminating Distractions for Enhanced Spiritual Vision by Margie Fleurant

Have you always wanted to overcome life’s distractions and focus better using your spiritual eyes? Just so you know, there are dreams and visions in you that are just waiting for that perfect time to be released. You got this important destiny that you need to fulfill and that Kingdom assignment that you need to complete. But, there is one thing that holds you back and that is none other than distraction. 

In today’s age of constant spiritual static coming from the top enemies including busy schedules, stress, technology, and social plan, the Holy Spirit calls you to focus. The author will show you this focus book how you can do it in a powerful and practical way.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you need to go to a monastery or take a spiritual retreat. What God wants is for you to learn how you can become spiritually focused as you live in today’s very distracted world. The book will provide you with empowering tools that can help you determine and get rid of common distractions so your focus will be fully centered on God. Now is the time for you to eliminate distractions, become more mindful of your identity, and enjoy eternal life.

practicing mind Thomas M. Sterner

The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life — Master Any Skill or Challenge by Learning to Love the Process by Thomas M. Sterner

During those times that you hope to get a new skill or conquer a formidable challenge you wish to overcome, what you need the most are discipline, patience, and focus, traits that tend to seem difficult or elusive to maintain. 

With this practical and enticing focus book, the author shows how you can learn skills for all areas of life, whether it is business, parenting, or even golfing through learning to love and appreciate the process. Your early life is about the practice of trial and error. If you gave up in the midst of difficulty, repetition, and failure, you would never have learned how to walk or how to tie your shoes.

But once you become an adult, why is it that you usually give up on your goal when you don’t succeed at first? During his study of how people learn, taking inspiration from his pursuit of disciplines like golf and sterner, Sterner discovered that people forgot about the practice principle or the process of choosing a goal then applying constant effort to achieve it. Sterner teaches methods that show that properly done practice is not drudgery on the path to mastery and instead, it is a process fulfilling of and in itself, one that establishes clarity and discipline.

your brain Tom O'Bryan and Mark Hyman

You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You’ve Ever Had by Tom O’Bryan and Mark Hyman

For those who are worried about any form of brain ailment that range from simple fatigue and brain fog to chronic conditions, this focus book is an essential guide that covers the entire spectrum of treatment to prevention. 

All people have surely experienced this brain fog or the general feeling that you feel a little bit off today. Many of you will experience that this fog manifests as something that is more permanent either in yourself or in your loved ones. 

Whatever the current health state of your brain might be, this book will help and empower you to follow the concrete steps to help you bring an instant difference in the clarity, energy, and vitality of your brain. You will enjoy improved memory, fogginess will be gone, and you will feel less tired this time around. You will also discover that these are not empty promises. The author of the book knows how you can create long lasting health changes and he now shares all of the things he learned with his readers. 

The book offers a step by step approach to improve your cognitive function and create differences in your life to help your life become better than ever before.

focus stategies Martin Meadows

The Ultimate Focus Strategy: How to Set the Right Goals, Develop Powerful Focus, Stick to the Process, and Achieve Success by Martin Meadows

Don’t miss the chance to discover four steps to eliminate distractions once and for all and focus on long term goals. Have you invested precious years of life trying to achieve an important goal only to surrender and forget everything? 

If your attention always switches from one task to another, deal with several projects, and surrender your goals every time things get difficult, you will fail eventually and there is no question about that. Your life will surely change if you can finally focus and pay more attention to your most critical goals, try to work on them diligently every single day, and turn them into reality. 

The good news is that even if you have long been engaging in unproductive behaviors, there is now a chance for you to break free from the vicious cycle. This focus book will uncover the powerful strategy that helped the author himself conquer his extreme shyness, get in the best shape in less than a year after a long time of negligence, start a thriving business after suffering failures for six years, release some bestsellers, learn a couple of foreign languages, significantly lessen the fear of heights, and go o n trips to exotic destinations.

Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence–The Groundbreaking Meditation Practice by Dr. Daniel Siegel M.D.

A groundbreaking and New York Times bestseller focus book from Dr. Daniel Siegel M.D., this will introduce you to his science-based and pioneering meditation practice. The book offers practical instruction on how to master the Wheel of Awareness. This is a life-changing tool to cultivate more peace, presence, and focus in your everyday life. 

This offers an in-depth discussion of the science underlying the effectiveness of meditation. The book will teach readers how you can take advantage of the power of the principle that whenever attention goes, neural connection will grow and neural firing will flow. 

Siegel also reveals how you can develop the practice of Wheel of Awareness so you can cultivate kind intention, focus attention, and open awareness that will literally help you in growing a healthier brain and reducing stress, anxiety, and fear in your life. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced practitioner or you don’t have the slightest experience with reflective practice, this book will serve as a hands-on guide to help you become more present and focused and more emotionally resilient and energized in the midst of everyday challenges and stress that life might throw your way.

awareness Dr. Daniel Siegel M.D.

Self Discipline: Program Your Mind For High Self Control, Self Esteem, Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals, Self Confidence And Get The Life You Want by David Craft

Do you have a hard time finishing things you started? Is it difficult for you to be in control of your relationships, finances, and life as a whole? Is focus something that you never had? If these questions all got a yes for an answer, it might be time for you to read this focus book where you can find strategies, tips, and tricks to help you enjoy successful financial life, work life, and relationships; develop the growth mindset; reduce your anxiety and stress to be able to handle conflicts; be free of being controlled by impulses and feelings; learn strategies for making informed and rational decisions; and identify undisciplined life areas and make lasting changes. 

If you have always been curious to know how successful people who got it all are able to do things and you are wondering why your life is different from theirs, this book contains the habits and strategies of self-discipline. You can then use the same habits and strategies that other people use for making their life function more smoothly. This is the time for you to learn the secrets to a disciplined and successful life and how the lifestyle can make all of your goals more possible.

"disciplineDavid Craft "

Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results by Christina R Wodtke, Marty Cagan

This focus book is a fun read that is actionable and useful at the same time. If you have always wanted to align your team around measurable and real goals, the book will teach you the secrets for doing things clearly and quickly. 

In a fable form, this actionable business book discusses the OKR movement as well as better setting of goals through the riveting story of the struggling tea startup of Jack and Hanna. When their sole investor gave them an ultimatum, they must be familiar with how to use OKRs or Objectives and Key Results with radical focus for doing the right things. 

The author uses her personal experience with the hottest companies in Silicon Valley to teach readers practical insights on how to set goals through a fable. As you read the story of Jack and Hanna, you will learn that it is all about developing a framework for the regular check-ins, primary results, and a good fail’s true beauty. 

In the book’s second half, Wodtke also added a bonus section for laying out her most practical insights to applying OKRs and to your specific challenges and workplace.

"radical focus Christina R Wodtke, Marty Cagan "

The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It  by Kelly McGonigal

Procrastination is a matter of willpower at the end of the day. This focus book is easily the best you can find on willpower. You probably want to study for your exams, wake up earlier, wash the dishes, or hit the gym yet for some reason, you don’t have the necessary willpower for following through. 

This provides a complete crash course on all the things you should know for building real self-discipline, with discipline being the only thing that can make the big difference down the road. 

There are three things that you can learn from this book. First is that willpower is both psychological and physiological. Willpower not only lies in your head as this is also in your body. It explains why stress, deep breathing, stress, energy, and many other factors are important. 

Stress is probably the number one threat when it comes to self-control. It also explains why you are most likely to procrastinate when you are under stress and you lack willpower. Exercise will also help boost your willpower as it resonates with the study showing that people who engage in regular exercise procrastinate less.

"instinc Kelly McGonigal "

Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life by Jim Kwik

The number one brain coach in the world, Jim Kwik has penned this focus book that serves as the owner’s manual for brain fitness and mental expansion. This book gives people the chance to achieve more, including more business achievement, more personal success, more transformation, and more productivity, all of which are made possible through changing their methods, motivation, and mindset. These 3 Ms are discussed in every page of the book together with some practical techniques for unlocking your brain’s superpowers and changing your habits. 

For more than 25 years, Kwik has been working closely with the most successful women and men who are at the peak of their fields as business leaders, CEOs, athletes, and actors from different walks of life for unlocking their fullest potential. 

Through this groundbreaking book, Kwik tackles field-tested tips and science-based practices to speed up self learning, focus, recall, speed reading, memory, and communication to create hard and fast results. 

You will learn how you can flip your mindset since your brain is similar to a supercomputer with your thoughts responsible for programming it to run. This is why the Kwik brain process begins with unmasking habits, procrastinations, and assumptions that stop you, redrawing the boundaries and borders of the things you think are possible.

limitless Jim Kwik

 Growing Gills by Jessica Abel

It is now time for you to go from being stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed to become in control, clear, and consistent with your own creative life. If it feels as if you are drowning in deep waters and you are anxious and overwhelmed by the enormousness and complexity of your creative projects, now is the best time for you to stop trying to fit in everything and feeling stretched to thinly.

Go ahead and dive deeper and swim to sustain that energy that you feel every time you think of how wonderful your projects can be. You should give value to your creative work just as much you value the work that you do for others. You can now build a reusable process and structure that would always help you reach the finish line. 

Growing Gills is a focus book where you will discover that all the power actually already lies inside you to help you do your work. The main obstacles that stop you from doing your creative work can all be found in the unknown things that are right in front of you. The book will take you every step of the process of identifying the things that stop you from completing your inventive, beautiful, and possibly game-changing creative projects.

"growth Jessica Abel "

Self-Discipline: Mental Toughness Mindset: Increase Your Grit and Focus to Become a Highly Productive Person by Ian Tuhovsky

The exercises and mindset that you will learn from this focus book can help you develop an unbeatable willpower and everlasting self-discipline. Can you imagine having this rare power that will let you retain crystal clear clarity, everyday focus, and iron resolve to realize all the dreams you have little by little as you constantly achieve every goal you have in your to-do list. 

Most of the time, you and your mind don’t play the game as one team. Your life will surely enjoy more profound changes if you can use this power to turn your brain into your best partner. This one of a kind power is what you call a mindset. 

How you think, perceive, and handle your inner reality and the world around you alike will ultimately determine what kind of life you will have before you. Even just one change in your perception will surely lead to meaningful results. 

Through this book, expect to learn more about positive thinking and how you can harness the power of positivity for you to help yourself and not hold yourself back. Grab this chance to become the best version of yourself with the help of this book.

self discipline Ian Tuhovsky

The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer

The co-creator of the bestselling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield uses the principles that he taught, studied, and lived for over 3- years in this inspiring and practical focus book that serves as a guide to help all aspiring people to go where they really want to be from where they are right now. 

With The Success Principles, you will discover how you can boost your confidence, deal with everyday challenges, realize every ambition you have, and live with purpose and passion. Not just a mere collection of helpful ideas, the book teaches 64 timeless principles that successful people throughout history have used themselves. Gathered together and put into practice every day, the principles will change your life more than what you had in your wildest dreams. 

Containing inspiring and memorable stories of everyday people, world-class athletes, celebrities, and CEOs, The Success Principles will provide you with the tested and proven blueprint to help you reach all of your desired goals. 

"success Jack Canfield and Janet Switzer  "

Front Sight Focus: Ten Phrases US NAVY SEALS use to ensure mission success by David Havens

Front Sight Focus is a mindset and concept that the US Navy SEALs used for planning and achieving success both off and on the battlefield as this reveals the ten phrases leading to efficiency at every level of training, learning, and productivity. 

With the use of common sense and easy to implement approach, the author offers tools on how to establish a Front Sight Focus mindset that will show you a progressive plan to lead you in developing a system to achieve your ultimate success in the true passions you have in your life. 

These ten phrases have been broken down in such a way that everyone, from grandparents down to teenagers will be able to understand and apply the success template to lead to their greatness in every endeavor they have including family, business, education, and sports. 

David Havens combined his time on land as a warrior in a combat environment and his experiences in the military from Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training to show how life and battlefield can give you the same scenarios and how you can conquer all of your tasks in the most effective way. 

Every chapter of this focus book tackles each one of these ten phrases often used in the Seal Teams that collectively upon each while you go through the book. Front Sight Focus can help you start navigating along the journey of your life with techniques and tips on how to deal with stress and anxiety, organization as well as early identification of the obstacles so you can mitigate them as a result.

"front focus David Havens "

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley

Thomas J. Stanley’s The Millionaire Next Door is a focus book that discusses that common and long standing myth that many of the American millionaires’ money came from inheritance.

The truth is that the country has become a great nation for more than 250 years and people have actually discovered a way on how to go from being poor with nothing to making huge wealth and creating that life-changing opportunity for all of their children and even their grandchildren.

The country is celebrating it, writing films about it, and the libraries are all filled with books that talk about it. This means that there is nothing wrong with America’s wealthy.  The author of the book is a writer, researcher, and author who has been studying the rich and the affluent ever since 1973 and is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia.

nest door Thomas J. Stanley
key to success David James

Focus: The Key to Success: How to Use the Power of Focus to Live a Successful Life by David James

Would you like to live your dream life? Are you wondering how you can better focus your mind? Do you find it hard to stay focused? It is said that focus is the hidden driver of excellence. The focus book gives you a good idea on how you can take advantage of focus and its innate power for you to boost your concentration. This describes some techniques on how you can concentrate and focus and better for you to achieve your goals. 

With the help of the book, you can expect to learn how you can focus on your personal priorities, how you can define success using your own terms, why it is important to nurture the right attitude, how you can declutter your own brain, and why you should practice consistency to visualize your success. 

The book discusses practical strategies and techniques on how you can use the true power of focus for you to work towards creating your dream life. Everyone dreams of living the life of their dreams but only a few dare enough to go for these dreams. Most people tend to get bogged down with the responsibilities and realities of their day to day life that their dreams seem to become more out of their reach.

handmade Gary Rogowski

Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction by Gary Rogowski

With this focus book, the author will lead you gently but surely on the path to the kind of success that you might not have even considered before. In a time when there are lots of competing claims trying to get your attention, you surely have no idea how to find that internal focus to become creative. 

Gary Rogowski, the master furniture craftsman, believes that the answer can be found in the act of the creative work itself. That discipline of working using your hands to craft needlessly beautiful things will help shape you, as the builder, to become more complete as a person. 

This particular book serves as a profound meditation on that eternal value of human fallibility, creativity, manual work, and that stubborn pursuit of good quality work. The author tells the story of his life on how he was able to become a craftsman and how the long years of unrelenting work taught him resilience, patience, failure tolerance, and love of pursuing mastery and beauty for its own sake. 

A part guide to living, part guide to creativity, and part autobiography, the book is meant for artists, craftspeople, and everyone who is searching for creativity, purpose, and clarity in their work and this is the best antidote to today’s world that seems to think that human labor is already obsolete.

"minutes  Peter Bregman "

18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done by Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman’s focus book will show readers how people, despite their busy schedule, can sort through everyday distractions and clutter to pay attention to those crucial things that are main priorities in their lives. He makes an argument that creating your own distractions for productivity can take that place of disturbing interruptions that can prevent you from becoming productive. 

The author’s approach shows readers how they can navigate through those constant meetings, emails, calls, and texts that can distract their focus from things that truly matter. 

This short procrastination book has stemmed from years of the author’s personal experience and well-tested principles. Among the strongest points of the book is that it gives pieces of advice that you can use immediately. Through the use of short stories so that readers can easily remember all the provided tips, it is an easy and fun book you can read that can offer some payoffs that you can use for a long time. 

Readers can expect to walk away from the book realizing that there is a very small chance for them to do all the things they would like to. This is why it is important to prioritize tasks. There are times when it is best to just cross off things from your to-do list when you know you can never do them anyway.

smart Shane Snow

Smart Cuts: The Breakthrough Power of Lateral Thinking by Shane Snow 

Journalist and serial entrepreneur Shane Show delves deeper into the top reasons as to why there are organizations and people who were able to achieve amazing things in incredibly shorter time frames that show how every person can use the smartcut for rethinking convention and speeding up success. 

In every single era, various innovators in the fields of science, business, and art used the so-called lateral thinking in order to discover better routes to achieve stunning accomplishments. This focus book will show how these innovators bent the norm and how you can do exactly just that as well. 

The author shatters the common wisdom people have about success as he reveals how conventions such as paying dues can hinder progress, why there is no need for kids to learn and master multiplication tables, and paradoxically, how it is easier to start a big business instead of a small one. 

The book also shares the stories of those people who were daring enough to work in a different way and provides practical takeaways for all readers. It is all about the application of technological and entrepreneurial concepts to a successful work and life and by emulation, how everyone can grow businesses, fix the problems of society, and leapfrog competitors faster than they think.

Let us know you favorite focus books in the comments below.

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